• bisexy bigender (tme)
  • 50%vietnamese + 50%white
  • 21
  • 🍓relationship'd🍓
  • gemini☀️️ + scorpio🌙 + libra⬆️
  • You pronounce sinh just like sin

    boy and a girl at the same time

    dog and cat at the same time

    believes in ghosts

    fave season+holiday is winter and valentines day

    comfortable talking about my mental illness /say psycho insane ect. untagged

    my only two special interests are creepypasta and slipknot(band), creepypastas been my main one for like.a decade.

    midwest/great lakes region fan

    licensed emo and scene, honorary punk, ally to the goth and eboy community

    i like and dont like things at the same time

    i dont mind if people mute or softblock me /but if idr you and refollow just block

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