• bi/pan + sorta aro
  • bigender (tme)
  • mixed (vietnamese + white)
  • 18
  • gemini☀️️ + scorpio🌙
  • intp
  • hi im mack (or sinh) im cool and dangerous. You pronounce sinh just like sin

    I have autism + adhd and some very bad mental health

    it gets bad and sometimes i express that but i generally try to keep cool

    I am nonbinary and identify with being mostly a boy, sort of a girl, and sometimes genderless. Bigender works best to describe this for me!

    i use he/they/she, any are fine, most people use he

    my only two special interests are creepypasta and slipknot(band)!!! Creepypastas been my special interest since i was about 11 ^_^

    Creepypastas my favorite thing ever and i love posting about it and drawing it !!! I like the stories but i mainly SI slendermansion/fanon creepypasta

    i also like some video games, lots of different music, and slashers/horror movies

    i also want to make good music some day

    im EMO and scene (dont call me an eboy u.u!!!) I love bugs, art, weird things, fashion, stuff thats falling apart,

    i dont mind if people mute or softblock me

    i think thats all im open 2 questions if ur curious abt anything else thx 4 reading ^.^

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