• bisexy
  • bigender (tme)
  • mixed (50%vietnamese + 50%white)
  • 19
  • 🍓relationship'd🍓
  • gemini☀️️ + scorpio🌙 + libra⬆️
  • You pronounce sinh just like sin

    mental roller coaster rider

    boy and a girl at the same time

    he/they/she are all fine, many default to he, i am largely pronoun neutral

    my favorite colors are bright red, green, blue, and black

    my only two special interests are creepypasta and slipknot(band), creepypastas been my main one for 7-ish years

    slendermansion-verse creepypasta universe is my fave thing. i draw it and think about it a lot

    film kid, video game player, average music "fan"

    interested in alllll forms of art ever

    im EMO and scene (dont call me an eboy), honorary punk, not goth

    I love bugs, weird shit, fashion, stuff thats falling apart, and beautiful things.

    i dont mind if people mute or softblock me

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